There are thirty-five passenger elevators in seven banks: low, mid-low, mid-high and high-rise. There are also three freight elevators. In addition to the tower elevators, there are two shuttle elevators. One services the Plaza to Level 2 Basement and the second services Bayside to Loading Dock

There is an emergency light and phone system in each elevator. The phone has backup power from both a battery and the emergency generator. The communication system in each elevator is connected to the fire control room.

The following systems have been installed to protect persons using or attempting to use the elevators during a fire:

Automatic Recall: In each elevator lobby, there is a smoke detector that activates this system. If any of these devices sense smoke, all elevators will close doors and return to the ground floor, where they will remain with doors open, until released by building or fire department personnel. This system may also be activated or bypassed manually from a key switch located in the FCC.

Manual Recall: In the event of a fire alarm in the building, the Security staff will recall the elevators from the FCC.

Emergency (Firefighter's) Service: After an elevator recall has occurred, the elevators may be put into emergency service by using a key switch located in each car. This will allow operation of the car by using the "open door" and "close door" control buttons. This service is for use by the fire department for purposes of firefighting.

Elevator Earthquake Response: When a moderate or severe earthquake occurs, a seismic switch for each elevator car in the basement senses the motion of the building. If this motion exceeds a preset maximum, the elevator stops. It then moves in the opposite direction from its counter-weight, stops at the next floor, and opens its doors. It will remain in this condition until it is thoroughly examined and put back into service by an elevator mechanic.

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